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Sertifiseringen er et kvalitetsstempel i markedet og dokumenterer  relevante kunnskaper innenfor fagområdet. Dette innebærer at vi legger vår stolthet i å vedlikeholde og holder oss oppdatert innenfor faget, slik at vi til enhver tid kan bidra til en profesjonell rekrutteringsprosess for kunde og kandidat. 



Sertifiseringen, CPCC, betegnes som gullstandarden innen coaching. Co-Active Training Institute har eksistert i mer enn 25 år, og er i dag en av verdens ledende på utdanning av coacher. Co-Active coaching bygger på grunntanken om at alle mennesker er naturlig kreative, ressursterke og hele.


Associate Certified Coach (ACC) er en internasjonal coachsertifisering, og det første sertifiseringsnivået i den internasjonale coachorganisasjonen ICF. For å oppnå ACC må du være akkreditert gjennom en ICF godkjent skole, som Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), og bestå etikk-eksamen Coach Knowledge Assessment test (CKA).

No. 107: Hello – Goodbye!

No. 107: Hello – goodbye!


I hope you enjoyed your holiday! I hope you did more of what makes you happy? I hope you spent time with people who energize you and make you feel whole? I hope you had your special rooms for me-time? Time to stop up, think, reflect and just be? Like me, sitting on this stump meditating.

Chronicle pain, sickness, dysfunctional family relationships, accidents, disasters and force majeure never take holidays though. Life will happen no matter what time of the year it is. But still be able to make those precious rooms or spaces for yourself, is then even more important. To prepare yourself and tune yourself to be able to face the unknown that is given to you around the next corner. Why is it so, that we somehow forget that once we create life, we create death? Once we create love, fun and happiness, there will always be struggle, pain and sadness. It´s the balance of the universe, isn´t it?

As some of my regular followers have noticed, I am now writing my first blog in English. I gave myself this challenge. Once I used to believe that I was really good in both oral and written English. I do not believe that anymore. Last year I entered a CTI coaching course in English, and doing this in another language than Norwegian, really scared me off, and took me out of my comfort zone more than once. But I did it, and I am going to do my master coaching course this autumn, aware of that I still will be dancing outside my comfort zone – and I am looking so forward to it! Terrified delight… Perfect is boring though, and the clue is to trust the process!

Holidays can be rough. Living tighter with your family and friends. Everyone expecting something nice – and this «nice» is not always corresponding. Some want it quiet, some want to read books, some want it loud – spending time with a bunch of people, some want activity, travel, some want the beach, the mountain, the forrest, bicycling,…. I want it all! But most of all I desire time with my family, reading 4-5 books, traveling, bicycling, swimming, mountain hiking, friends – so on so on. This summer we could not do it all, because life happens. But that made room for something I have been longing for to really get into my system; meditation. So the last weeks I have done my meditation regular every day – on this stump or in my garden. And from now; I will never stop.

So where are you right now? What is your plan for this autumn soon knocking at the door? Are you ready? Are you satisfied where you are or did you make some big new choices during summer holiday?  I hope you are on your right path! Never ever give up on yourself, and never ever leave home without the shower of (power of)self love!

I am looking forward to be 100% back to business now, both doing coactive coaching AND recruitments. Let´s go!

Wishing you all a delightful week with me-time!








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